Do-It Yourself Installation

Tools & materials suggested for fabrication/installation

  • Variable speed grinder
  • Diamond blade specifically used to cut granite
  • PL 400 Caulk
  • Masking tape or Whiteout pen
  • Color match caulk between backsplash and countertop
  • Color match paste
  • Hardener to mix with epoxy
  • Razor blades to remove excess epoxy
  • Granite sealer
  • Take measurements. Apply masking tape or use whiteout pen to mark your lines on the granite surface and draw your cutting lines with a straight edge. Always cut from the top, or polished side of the granite to enable an accurate cut and reduce chipping.
  • Allow the diamond blade to cut smoothly. Do not rush the blade through the granite. It is suggested for beginners to score the slab at an 1/8″ the first pass and pass through competely the second time. Take your time. (NOTE: Remember, the blade is 1/16″ wide so cut to one side of your marked line to allow for blade width.) Use a guide, or rail, for straight cuts. Backsplash pieces work as a rail. Hold backsplash in place with clamps on both sides.
  • Fit granite countertop into place after cutting to measure for fit. Remember, if you are using our granite backsplash and your walls are not straight, you may have up to a 3/4″ gap between the countertops and wall. This gap will be covered by the 1? thickness of the granite backsplash. Take the next measurement off of that recently cut granite countertop and cut adjoining piece.
  • Fit all granite countertops into place. Apply adhesive caulking. If the granite countertops are not level with each other, lift the countertops in place on their back edge (the countertop is now at a 30 degree angle).
  • Apply more caulk to areas needed to level and gently lower the countertop back into place.
  • After all countertops are secure, you can begin fitting your backsplash pieces into place. Follow the above instructions.
  • When the countertops and backsplash are in place and secured, begin placing epoxy or caulk into the seams. If you use Epoxy – Epoxy hardens in approximately 5-10 minutes, so mix only enough for instant application. Check that the color of the epoxy blends to your liking with the granite countertop before you apply it in the seams. Mix 10 parts color matched epoxy to 1 part hardener and begin to apply to seams. Use razor blades and Acetone to remove any excess epoxy. If use Caulk – Apply a thin bead between granite countertop and backsplash. Also, apply thin bead between wall and top edge of backsplash touching wall. Use a caulk finisher to smooth caulk.
  • After installation is complete apply the granite sealer to the entire countertop surface with a white paper towel. Let sealer dry for 24 hours before using your new granite countertop.

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