Why Granite Countertops Are So Popular

Granite is so dense that only a diamond blade can be used to carve it to the desired shape.  In fact its so dense that knife blades can become dull when cutting on its surface.

Granite is made from magma, volcanic rock, quarried from countries such as Southern Africa, Europe, and South America. Large slabs are then cut like loaves of bread and transported to processing plants in countries arounf the world.

One of the reasons causing the expensive cost of granite is the difficulty of quarrying it. It’s not possible to be loosened from the ground with blasting, rather by cutting with large machines in order to get large pieces. Larger slabs make for a more expensive price.

Unrivaled durability

Granite countertops are resistant to heat and won’t scratch unlike the other countertop materials.

During the manufacturing of granite, the surface is sanded, exposing the various mica, quartz, and feldspar plus a many other chemical components.

Vinegar or juice, is capable of eating away at sealant gradually over time if not wiped up. It is also not recommended to use abraisive cleaning products in which acid content can damage. Rather, use mild cleansers with neutral pH.

Natural beauty of granite

Natural stone comes in many colors: black, gray, pink, green, red, blue, and more. Beige and brown arevery popular because neutral colors compliment almost any Kitchen Countertop montage.

No two granite blocks are the same, even if you choose the same color, size or shape they can vary because they are natural.

If you’re particular about picking out the perfect granite kitchen countertop, then you should personally go a the showroom and pick out a particular slab.

if you need any more information or if you have questions please visit www.eastcoastgranite.com.



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