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How To Cut Granite By Hand

The first step in cutting granite countertops is to have a quality variable speed grinder. Be sure to have the stone secure on a level table or several 2”x4”‘s on two saw horses. Next one can take a level or measure and mark the proper distances with a tape measure. Mark can be done two ways. The first way is with blue or white masking tape. Use a straight edge to mark a line on the tape. The second way is to use a white out pen and run a line along the straight edge. Either way works. A manageable and often time preferable blade to be used is a 5” diamond blade. The best brand and style of blade takes personal trial and error. Next hold the grinder with one or two hands firmly. Set the blade on the line at full speed. Let the blade do the work and allow it ride along the line. It’s helpful to have a fan set up to blow away any dust created so there is a clear view. In order to keep the blade from getting too hot make several passes along the line, ¼” depth each pass works well. Practice and repeat.


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